Welcome to the home of happy, healthy smiles

We believe there’s a lifelong connection between healthy teeth and healthy bodies. That’s why we aim to help your child achieve optimum dental health – free of pain and disease. How do we do it? By working collaboratively with you, your child and your referring dentist. And by creating a caring, comfortable environment for all.

Our vision

Hi, I’m Dr Rebecca Eggers. I established Norwest Paediatric Dentistry in 2010 – driven by a belief that good dentistry and healthy children are inseparable.

We feel privileged to be able to guide and influence our young patients in their lifetime journey to optimal health.

Our approach

As paediatric dentists, we have specialist training and techniques to give your child the best possible care. We’re also experts in diagnosing and treating child-specific conditions.

Preventive dentistry is at the core of our philosophy for lifelong health and wellness.

That’s why we are such strong supporters of the 12-month check-up. It’s the perfect opportunity to start teaching children how to look after their teeth and make good food choices.

It also means your child has a safe and familiar ‘dental home’ should they ever need to see us in the case of a dental emergency or other dental problem.


How we make your life easier

A positive experience

Let’s face it, the dentist can be a difficult experience for little ones. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We’re all about giving your child a positive and relaxing experience – with the care and compassion they need.

No referral needed

You don’t need any type of referral to visit us – whether it be for a check-up, specialist care or an emergency situation.

Convenient claims and benefits

We provide on the spot claims for all major health funds.

And we accept the Child Dental Benefit Scheme too.

Proudly supporting the wider community

We believe everyone should have the chance to experience optimal oral health. To help ensure this, we support the following worthy organisations so more people can gain access to such resources.

  • Foodbank: No child should spend the school day with an empty tummy. We help more kids avoid this situation by donating to Foodbank each month.
  • The Clown Doctors: The Clown Doctors help to calm and distract sick and injured kids from the pressure of a hospital environment – and bring a smile to those who need it most.
  • Give and Take Families: This charity provides donations, support and direct assistance to members of the Hills Community who need it most.