What are fissure sealants?

Fissure sealants help your child’s molars cavity-free

Around 1 in 4 children will experience tooth decay in an adult tooth.

Often, we can be quick to assume that cavities are a result of a poor diet or brushing habits. However, dental decay can be unrelated to what children eat and how thoroughly they brush.

Placing FISSURE SEALANTS on their teeth can reduce the chance of decay by 34%, for up to nine years.

Early preventative care can protect your child’s smile now and in the future.

What is a fissure?

Teeth have naturally occurring grooves – particularly those at the back of the mouth, known as molars.

A fissure is a groove on the biting surface of a tooth.

Just as everyone’s fingerprints are unique, we all have different fissures. And some people have deeper fissures than others, which makes them more vulnerable to decay.

How do fissures get decay?

The naturally occurring bacteria in our mouths feed off sugary foods and other carbohydrates.

And when bacteria eat, they produce acid. This acid then creates a hole in the tooth and decay starts.

Unfortunately, bacteria love to live inside fissures. And because fissures can be hard to clean and reach with a toothbrush, it can be difficult to brush the bacteria away.

How does a sealant work?

The sealant is placed into a fissure as a liquid and hardened with a special UV light. The sealant fills the fissure – making the tooth surface smoother and easier to clean.

And most importantly, it blocks the bacteria from living inside the fissure.

Do sealants hurt?

Not at all! Fissure sealants are safe and painless.

Are sealants right for my child? 

Sealants are a great option for many children.

If your child does get fissure sealants, having them checked every six months is essential.

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What do sealants look like?

We think they’re a work of art! Sealants help us to keep your child’s smile healthy.

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