Place your child’s oral health in the best possible hands

What sets our team apart, you may ask? A lot. We’ve undertaken extra training. We use specialist techniques and equipment. And we diagnose and treat child-specific conditions. Because for us, it’s all about the kids – and giving them the special care and support they need.


No referral needed

You don’t need any type of referral to visit a paediatric dentist.

In fact, it’s often more efficient to come directly to us – for both specialist care and regular check-ups.

Specialist training

Paediatric dentists have undertaken a master’s on top of their general dental degree.

Armed with this extra training, we can diagnose and treat any child-specific dental conditions.

A child-happy environment

We use special child-friendly dental products and equipment to create a positive and comforting environment.

But just as importantly, our team knows how to build rapport with your child to keep them smiling.

Keeping children calm

Although our clinic is a calm, comfortable environment for children, some little ones need extra support to feel at ease.

Our team is trained and equipped to help settle anxious children using a range of techniques. We’re also qualified to provide additional management such as sedation if necessary.

Behavioural advice

We share fun and practical tips with both children and parents – for lifelong oral health beyond the dental chair.

From positive eating habits to proper brushing skills, we keep your family fully informed at all ages and stages.

Solve child-specific problems

Our entire team are experts in diagnosing and treating a wide range of child-specific dental conditions.

We’re also your go-to in case of a child dental emergency – equipped with pain management strategies suitable for young patients.