How Much Toothpaste Does My Child Need?

How much toothpaste should be applied to the toothbrush?

Too much, too little and just right…but how much toothpaste does my child need?

Just like Goldilocks said, “This is just right”. According to kids dentist, applying the right amount of toothpaste to your child’s toothbrush depends on their age. 

0-18 Months

Children between the ages of 0-18 months do not need toothpaste. Softening the bristles of their toothbrush with water is enough. Be sure to start brushing once their first tooth appears.

18 months – 5 years

Toothpaste can be used from 18 months of age. Only a small smear no bigger than a grain of rice is required.

5+ (or once the child learns how to spit)

Once your child learns how to spit (commonly around the ages of 3-5), a small pea-size amount of toothpaste can be used.

**Please note that the age categories discussed above are in reference to the amount of toothpaste we recommend. For more information on the type of toothpaste your child should be using, please see our article “Choosing the right toothpaste for your child“.