We’re here for you – when you need it most

Sudden toothache, chipped or broken tooth? The team at Norwest is here for you and your child. And there’s no need to get a referral first. We’ll diagnose and treat the issue immediately – while giving your child the special care they need. We also have access to a range of safe pain management techniques and can even organise a day-stay with general anaesthesia if required.

child toothache dentistToothache

Has your child been suffering from a toothache? If so, book an appointment so we can diagnose and treat the issue without delay.

Toothaches in children can result from a whole host of factors – but some of the more common ones include:

  • Decay
  • Broken or cracked teeth
  • Ulcers
  • Loose or missing fillings

child fractured toothFractured or knocked out adult teeth

We’re trained and experienced in helping children with adult teeth overcome dental trauma. This includes fractures, nerve exposures and teeth that have been displaced or knocked out.

In these cases, quick management is critical to get the best outcome. So give us a call as soon as you can after the incident.

Child facial swelling teethFacial swelling and abscesses

Facial swelling from a dental abscess can progress rapidly to other areas of the mouth and face. To prevent a swelling from spreading, your child will need immediate treatment.

You may also notice an abscess inside the mouth without swelling. While this isn’t as urgent, it still requires treatment.

Child bumped tooth dentistBump or fall (even with no obvious tooth damage)

If your child has had a bump or fall near the mouth, it’s best to get in touch with our clinic – even if you haven’t noticed any immediate impact.

That’s because sometimes symptoms may only appear weeks or months after the trauma. Some common things to look out for over time include grey teeth and red spots (or ‘pimples’) on the gum under the lips.