The First Dental Check-up


“When should I start taking my child to the dentist?”

We are strong supporters of the 12-month check-up and can't emphasise enough just how critical this visit is. If your child is overdue for their first visit, please call our friendly team to book now.

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What Happens at the First Visit?

The aim of the first dental check-up is to address any concerns you might have, get some background information about your child’s general and dental health in the past, have a look at your child’s mouth and then create a plan to optimise your child’s dental health.

The Examination

We are conscious of every child being unique in their confidence with new environments and around new people. We always try to go at the child’s pace.

Older children are generally happy to have their examination in the dental chair. Young, anxious or children with additional needs can be examined ‘knee-to-knee’. This allows them to still be close to their caregiver, whilst ensuring we can see inside their mouth.

A Customised Care Plan for Your Child

We put an action plan in place for optimum oral health that is customised to your child. This may range from instigating regular maintenance visits and a home care plan to organising comprehensive care with one of our specialists.

Our mission is to encourage our young patients to work towards independently maintaining their own dental and general health as a teenager and adult. It’s a long journey!