Party bag alternatives

Are you keen to avoid sending kids home with bags full of lollies? Do you hate your child coming home with bags of lollies?



There seems to be a real push at the moment to find alternatives to party bags filled with lollies. We would love to minimise plastic as well but it can be tricky to kick both the low sugar, low plastic goals!

Here are a few ideas for minimising the amount of sugar that goes home:


Silly/twisty straws or metal straws


Lego minifigures

Making a flower crown during the party to take home

A seed packs or bombs of flowers to plant

Mini playdoh tub, or ‘coins’ of homemade playdough tied up in cellophane


Decorate a cupcake to take home in little box

Hula hoops


Keyrings for school bags

Matchbox cars

Mini watercolour paints and painting pad

Fun socks

Mini soaps




Paint a tiny terracotta pot with a small plant in it

Small stuffed toy dog/animal to ‘adopt’

Toothbrushes! (the bamboo rainbow options can be bought online)

A bubble wand

A drink bottle

A mini notebook or colouring-in book with pencils or crayons


Using paper bags decorated by the party boy/girl instead of plastic bags

Small pencil cases with a few cheap things inside



Themed toys that fit with your child’s party theme

Friendship bracelets, wands, crowns made at the party to take home

A small book eg. Little Miss or Mr Men


If lollies are going to be included in the bags, we’d love to see just a small selection that can be eaten in one go and then teeth are brushed. Go for options that don’t take forever to eat (such as lollipops) and aren’t high in acid (like sour Squirms).

And what to do with the lollies you’ve collected in your pantry from parties of the past? You can bin them, bring them to work to share or hide them in the back of the pantry for those desperate moments that only a little chocolate can cure.